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GOA-WorkBench® (Corporate Solutions)

The "Corporate Solutions" of the GOA-WorkBench® include modules to support organisation-wide assessments based on various management approaches, optimised according to the "Easy Assessment" approach.

With the "Easy Assessment", complex self-assessment guidelines (e.g. according to the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) or the EFQM Excellence Model) were simplified in order to be a time- and cost-saving guide to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on the first steps towards a holistic TQM.

In addition to the scoring of the criteria, the focus on the collection of ideas for improvement should be emphasised. For this purpose, a possibility to prioritise suggestions for improvement was implemented (either for the project manager or all Assessment participants), and in the subsequent step, the planning of derived improvement projects and the awarding of a project assignment with follow-up.

As part of various research projects, evaluation methodology and questionnaires were adapted to meet sector-specific requirements (SMEs, educational institutions, start-ups, state institutions, etc.) and revised to easily-to-understand formulations.

In order to carry out an "Easy Assessment" in your company, you need a paid licence that is linked to your email address. This allows you to manage different assessment projects via your email login. The process control of the different assessment types is similar, so that no further training is required.

The following list of self-assessment modules based on the "Easy Assessment" approach is continuously being expanded. If you miss a self-assessment or have a need for customisation, please contact IBK.

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