Managing Director:

C.-Andreas Dalluege C.-Andreas Dalluege


Project Coordinator:
Andrea Stucken
Andrea Stucken


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IBK MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS GMBH was founded in 2001 as a spin-off of from Institut für Betriebsberatung und Kommunikationsforschung and IBK - System- und Softwarehaus GmbH, with the goal of translating the results of consulting and research projects of those two companies into commercial products, with a special emphasis on the GOA-WorkBench, a software suite for all kind of assessment or survey based management techniques.

Our products are distributed and serviced through an international network of business associations, consulting partners and research institutions who are experts for the underlying management methods.

To improve and advance the contents and number of GOA knowledge bases, IBK is strongly involved in numerous European research projects on the topic of Management Support techniques. To do so, IBK GmbH works in closed co-operation with IBK Institut für Betriebsanalyse und Kommunikationsforschung who is specialised on the design, development and management of international research projects.