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GOA Individualisation Services

If you do not want to use GOA as it is „off-shelf“, we can offer you the following options:



GOA needs to be extended by some bespoke survey catalogues or organisation specific knowledge bases.

You deliver to us the questionnaires in all language versions needed and we implement this as a bespoke solution for your organisation.

The costs for this are calculated from fixed prices for integration and maintenance of a knowledge bases as part of the overall GOA Library (500,- €), implementation of a new survey catalogue in one language (800,- €) and additional languages (500,- € each). Additionally you need the GOA Inquiry Centre.

If you want us to implement more than one new knowledge base at the same time, then the basic costs of 500,- € for integrating a company bespoke solution into the overall GOA Library will not be calculated again.

Calculation example:  
Basic costs per order  
GOA Inquiry Centre  
Company specific knowledge base 1, English  
Survey Catalogue for 1 also in Spanish  
Company specific knowledge base 2, English  
Total costs  



On request we also design new GOA Modules together with you. For this you only need to define your exact requirement and we will design and implement a bespoke GOA-WorkBench application for you.

By using the existing GOA Solution Library as a starting point the development time can be reduced to a minimum.

Our hourly rate for this is EUR 135,-

All prices listed above are shown excluding VAT.

With all bespoke solutions, we pay close attention to maintaining links to GOA and keeping up with future upgrades of the continuously growing number of the GOA Engine.

If you are interested in one of the described services please contact us for more detailed information.