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GOA Web (SaaS)

Besides GOA-WorkBench für Windows that exists on the market since 2000, IBK introduces in spring 2014 a web-based SaaS-Version (Software-as-a-Service) of GOA that can be subscribed to on a yearly basis.

The first available modules will be different versions of the GOA Easy Assessment module.

GOA Web Screenshot

Additionally to the functions of the OC version, GOA-Web offers a cockpit to trace and track the progress of the assessment team.

GOA Web Screenshot

Also the Balanced Q-Card to prioritise improvement suggestions and plan improvement activities is already integrated into the GOA-Web version.

GOA-Web differs from the GOA PC version by offereing not only sector specific assessment catalogues (SME, Public Administration, Education), but also bespoke solutions for specific areas, like e.g. the Q2E assessment covering the formal accreditation needs for Swiss schools.

Other accreditation or certification requirements are covered with the generic GOA Easy Assessment version and generate a target specific report format on demand (e,g. ISO or national inspection standards).

GOA Web Screenshot

GOA-Web supports the self-assessment process by additionally offering from spring 2014 onwards a first selection of sector adapted satisfaction surveys (e.g. customers or people).

The GOA product family will grow by and by to cover all GOA modulesa that are currently available on the PC, with the goal to have the final assessment modules transferred in time for the next update of the EFQM Excellence Model in 2016.

You can find more information on the GOA SaaS solution at (under construction).